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I gotta get out of this place…

July 20, 2013


Welcome to the arse-end of the Indo universe, a toxic hole of chemical industry and human misery. Cancer is everywhere and nobody likes you.

Ports in Indonesia are evil traps. Once you enter – its impossible to leave. Days become weeks… brutal corruption at every turn. Everyone’s into you for something, it’s a losing game and you never seem to be able to buy any fuel – not without a lot of negotiating.┬áThere’s oil everywhere and you can’t score a drop.
These are the hard places… the towns not on the brochure.
The ‘real’ Indo.
But nothing’s really that bad. You know it’s worth every stale waft of beetle nut… because once you blow off the trivial bullshit – it’s all gold.
Outside… far from the muddy waters… those virginal islands… with them beautiful waves.
Paradise must be earned.. and its worth every tear.
Lets go…

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  1. john reddy permalink
    July 20, 2013 2:25 pm

    …sounds like Sibolga; a tip one day, a complete dump the next. have fun Sofjan.

    • July 21, 2013 7:39 am

      Add into the mix.. a dozen Korean chemical factories and gigantic soviet power plant…

  2. July 20, 2013 3:18 pm

    blowing off the trivial bullshit… i need to do some of that soon. any room on that boat?

  3. July 20, 2013 7:00 pm

    bullshit, you and the cap’n are lounged out on deck blowing smoke and having the local babes tickle your toes .. don’t fuck with the dream bear, just keep the deck tidy.

  4. Bunhead permalink
    August 8, 2013 6:18 am

    Oh it must be nice, am here in Hawaii jonesing for indo please try to call or text me 808 748 9785 Sof wado or the captain

    • August 8, 2013 6:27 am

      Good to hear from you Bun. We pulled into that island dream you bought into few years back and for a minute imagined you emerging from a grass hut to greet us. The boys still talk about you… Be in touch..

      • Bunhead permalink
        August 8, 2013 6:44 am

        Just got this I phone yesterday yep I think about indo every single day that’s no bs and I should have stayed on the island, broke but on the beach I have no e mail or Facebook just this phone. Its been 2 long long years aduh!! Sudah Jadi sakit Jiwa!!!
        Ha ha boo hop tapi sebelum mati

        • August 8, 2013 7:04 am

          No answer Bun – dialed +1808 7489785

          • Bunhead permalink
            August 9, 2013 2:42 am

            Hey Sof try me again if u have a chance can’t hardly u r on the boat with timmy

          • Bunhead permalink
            August 9, 2013 2:46 am

            I gave u the wrong number it’s 747 9785 not 748 this is a great story, I’m blown away and inspired thanks

  5. Bunhead permalink
    August 8, 2013 6:33 am

    Broken hearts of darkness? Fuck Sof your killin me. Can u guys help me get over there? Any work?

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